Aire Nuevo Danza

Aire Nuevo Danza

Respect for what is ours

Aire Nuevo Danza is a proyect born from respect. Respect towards tradition, towards our ancestors and the rich cultural legacy we received from them, and for which we feel thankful and proud.

Since the very early days, dancing has been part of every society. Fortunately, the hard work of certain historical personalities has turned this religious, festive and joyous demostration into something much more elaborated, into a form of art. In Aire Nuevo Danza humbly honor the work of these pioneers. We endeavor to make this beautiful Spanish legacy, increasingly forgotten, to appear on stages for everyone to see and enjoy.

Of course, we conceive dancing as a living thing, in constant evolution and surviving through difficult times for art. So, we always look ahead. We know where we come from, but we also know where we are standing, and we will try to show our vision of where we are going.